May 19, 2009


Here are a few pictures of this last Easter. As you can see in the background there is snow. Yes, it snowed on Easter morning. It was so cold. Braxton didn't seem to mind the cold, but it took him a minute to figure out what everyone was doing. Once he caught on he did really well. In fact I think he got 75% of the prize eggs. He was nice and shared his duplicate prizes with his cousins.

Braxton at the starting gate. All his cousins just ran right past him.

Starting to figure out what he is supposed to be doing.

Still working on it, the snow was a little confusing.

As you can see he learned quickly, or he had a lot of helpers. Ha, ha.
At the end of the hunt. He is all worn out.

Braxton sitting on the Easter bunny's lap. He did NOT like her.

March 27, 2009

Bust a move


This is the warm up phase of the dance. . . head shake, shoulders, then arms, then . . .


. . . turns. Oh man! You can tell when he starts to get dizzy. It is so funny. He just sits there dazed and confused. Funny kid. He definitely gets his dance moves from Tom. Ha, ha. Good times.

March 23, 2009

That's hot


Braxton will make sure to let us know when something is hot. But it is not just hot it is "hot, hot" with a wave of the hand to indicate not to touch it. Then he will help cool it down by blowing on it before he eats it. He is such a good helper.

Catching up

I know that I am a huge slacker when it comes to blogging! Our computer has been very temperamental lately, meaning extremely SLOW! I just would rather not try to use it because it is just frustrating. The last few days it has been better so Tom must have figured something out. Yeah! So, here is recap of the last few months. One of the things that we did was take a trip to see Tom's sister Jaime and her family in Minnesota. You think it is cold here in February try living in Minnesota. YIKES! It hurts your skin and lungs to go outside. It was a lot of fun to see them, especially now that Braxton is older. He had a good time following his cousins around. The next time we visit we will have to make sure the temperature is going to be above 0 degrees. We had a blast though and can't wait to go back.

Tom, Gabrielle, and Braxton playing. Braxton loves to climb on everything. And as he gets taller he loves it even more because it is easier.

Tom, Gabrielle, Madelynne, and Braxton playing the Wii. You have to love this game. It is so much fun. We were playing Mario Kart. We were so much better when it was on Nintendo. We are old!

The family at the aquarium part of the zoo. It is a cool place. Because it is so freezing cold there they have an inside zoo as well as an outside zoo. Let's just say we only made it indoors.

Braxton trying to pet the baby sharks. Not really, he just likes to play in the water.

Walking around the inside zoo. Notice we had to have our coats on INSIDE! It is just too cold there.

Braxton on his first Merry go round. We thought he would love it because from the moment he wakes up he wants to play with or watch horses. You tube is a great site for any animal watching FYI. It turns out he HATES riding on horses. The whole time he was trying to get off the horse and just have Tom hold him. Poor kid.

What do you know Braxton found the only dirt in the Mall of America. Of course he did, it is his favorite thing to play with. His other favorite thing is sitting and walking on curbs. He was in heaven right here.

Another try at the rides. Turns out he didn't like this one either. We had to get off before it even started.

We finally found a ride he liked. The train! He actually just liked it because of the seat belts. He loves to latch and unlatch seat belts. He says "click" when he gets it to go in right. It is pretty cute.

Another ride he likes because it was big trucks. As we drive down the street he will point out all the trucks and make a "vroom vroom" sound. He always knows when Tom is home because of the diesel truck noise.

Going home. Braxton loved watching all the airplanes and trucks drive by.

This kid loves to fly! So exciting!

January 4, 2009

Big boy steps

Braxton has now learned how to go up and down the stairs. Down with the army crawl, and up with the big boy steps. He is a funny kid.




Braxton received Elmo Live from his uncle Ty for Christmas. He LOVES it! The first thing he wants to do in the morning is find "melmo". He used to have a regular stuffed animal Elmo that he slept with, but since Elmo live we had to take it out of his crib. Instead of sleeping he would try to make Elmo talk, which of course he couldn't, which would just create anger and frustration and therefore no sleep. Now they both hang out in his "box" wagon in the front room. Thanks for the awesome toy Ty, especially for the warranty! We are already on the second Elmo, the first one broke after being played with 24/7.

Braxton has to take Elmo everywhere with him around the house. We won't let Elmo come with us when we leave. I could only imagine how that would work.

Braxton with Elmo, so happy!
Elmo even gets to play in Braxton's boxes. They have a good time.

December 31, 2008

Jump Jump



Braxton loves balloons. His favorite part is letting them go and watching them float to the ceiling. Then he will try to jump and get it, and when he can't he will come and get us to help. It is so funny. Sorry the second video is sideways but I couldn't figure out how to turn it.